Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine's Beach Picnic!

Nothing is sweeter than a stroll on the beach and sharing a beautiful picnic in the sand with the one you love. Add some champagne, amazing pastries, plush pillows and some romantic details and you have yourself a chic and fun Valentine’s picnic brunch with your Honey!

I had a fabulous time teaming up with lovely and talented photographer Maggie Marsek, and here is what we created together! We could not have asked for a more gorgeous day on the beach....

You can emboss fruit!!!

We wanted to portray a fresh, cool, SoCal vibe with lots of loving details. The cliffs, warm sand and gorgeous water provide the always ahhhh-mazing backdrop, so that meant keep the details simple but add a punch of pinks, crystal and white.

-Erin Donoghue, San Diego, CA


  1. Awesome! Beautiful Styling! I had NO idea you could emboss fruit!?!?

  2. dying for a stroll on the beach. lovely photography + color choices, so vivid. the white looks so fresh in the sunshine. so, how DO you emboss fruit?!

  3. Thank you!!! I found larger fruit works better, more stamping surface area! Use a rubber stamp of your choice, stamp fruit with a translucent ink pad, sprinkle with embossing powder (shimmy off the extra powder so the image remains) and zap with an embossing heat tool until image is set!

  4. Beautiful, ladies! What a sweet shell heart in the sand!

  5. This is incredible work! I am so impressed by the freshness, splashing of color and and and... I'm actually speechless. Great photography - I savored each photo like a piece of candy.