Saturday, May 14, 2011

garden magic

each morning i wait for the coffee to brew, put on my slippers, open the kitchen door, and tiptoe through the yard observing what has opened. i now understand why my grandmothers have spent so many hours digging in the dirt, laboring over their landscaping. the rewards are breathtaking.
it's only may, and the yard is already smiling.
so am i.

the middle, right image shows my new foxgloves. by far the most durable, fitting, and foxy gardening gloves i've ever owned. the style is called "works." indeed they do!
i also discovered a new plant yesterday called "sea lavender" (top left and right images). these babies sprout mini-white flowers out of the purple ones, and can handle a full day of sun. i combined them with some punchy coral geraniums.

happy digging!

-Cameron: Santa Fe, NM

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