Tuesday, June 14, 2011

On TV!

My styling session of the Inn and Spa at Loretto finally aired last weekend on the Travel Channel. I don't have a TV so I am lucky enough to watch it over and over again on You Tube!

My grubby hands made WAY too many appearances...see if you can guess the number of cameos! I was really happy that they showed the great styling of the spa, it turned out so dreamy and glow-y!

The segments really didn't do justice to the ballroom styling, so here is a lovely picture by our pro: Babak of Insight Foto.

-Jessie, Santa Fe, NM


  1. Lovely, lovely! Congratulations!

  2. You are too legit to quit!!! I counted 3 cameos... Did I miss any??

  3. your hands are far from grubby! love that you sported the coral bracelet. orange + green= yum. my house colors! i hope you get another gig like this soon.