Thursday, January 28, 2010

Chirp + Chatter Comes to Life

I am blessed to have an intimate circle of girlfriends who are immensely talented. Whether it be baking a superb apple pie, designing a greeting card, painting a masterpiece, decorating a cake, dressing their kids, choosing throw pillows, or writing a poem, they all do it with flair and see the world they live in with a creative twinkle in their eye.

I want to have a forum where all of us talented ladies can come together and share the daily treasures we discover as well as have a supportive panel to nurture and inspire. So, my friends, this is where Chirp + Chatter comes to life.

-Jessie, Santa Fe


  1. I am so excited!!! I cant wait to talk about my little chile peppers :-) I hope that I have logged in to this correctly. I will have to spend more time on it when I am in the sanctuary of my own home and not on company hours :-)
    This is Fab Jess! xoxo
    Kate -Gilford, NH

  2. I am so very excited for this new venture Jessie. It is an amazing collaboration! I will share as much as I know or the great inspirations I come across. Here is to creative women!

    Jamy - Vancouver, BC
    Earth Beauty Designs

  3. hooray!
    i don't know how to post stuff other than a comment. hopefully i'll figure it out. i like your photographs.