Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cheep! Cheep! Thrills

For those of us in New Mexico, our retail shopping options are slim to none. I typically scour thrift stores for clothes that may have stood the test of time, or shop online. But mostly, I hit up Targ├ęt Boutique for my staple items. It's a great one-stop shop, and yes, most of the items are staples... solids... plain...cotton.
But, we're in luck! Liberty of London has hit the town and no longer are we starved for bold and fresh patterns!
From lamps to purses to dresses and mugs, the punch and pizazz is all there! I am usually wary of a Target design collaborations as the quality of the products is sometimes compromised. In this case, I am feeling more hopeful. "Since 1875, Liberty has been synonymous with luxury and great design. Arthur Liberty's intuitive vision and pioneering spirit led him to travel the world looking for individual pieces to inspire and excite his discerning clientele."
Well, I'm inspired and excited! These duds and housewares are so reasonably priced you'll probably see me decked out head to toe in printed perfection!

-Jessie, Santa Fe, NM


  1. the piggie banks!
    i think i know what us new mexicans (and everyone else!) will be doing for affordable, fashionable shopping from now on.
    good work, scout.