Tuesday, March 9, 2010

CRAFTERNOON: Mod-Vintage Chalkboard

Crafternoon, (kraft-ur-nooon) n., Several glorious hours of inspired creativity resulting in a DIY project to share with your friends.Today's crafternoon project was a Modern-Vintage Framed Chalkboard. I dig how the ornate curves and frills of the frame are juxtaposed with a striking, opaque paint.
As a lover of lists, I adore how convenient, yet practical this chalkboard is for my ever-evolving "to-do's". I have a feeling it will also make an appearance as a brunch menu display!
1. An old frame, preferably open backed and scored from a sweet yard sale
2. Gessoed Art Board, sized to fit in frame
3. Chalkboard spray paint
4. High-Gloss spray paint, your color of preference (I went with "Coral Mist" since it was on sale for $2.99 and I happen to LOVE the color coral)
5. Tacks, to fix board into frame
6. Chalk, to write lists and draw funny pictures on your new mod-vintage chalkboard

Happy Crafternoonin'!
-Jessie, Santa Fe, NM


  1. project success! it came out beautifully. love the contrast of the inner "slate" with the coral adornment.
    i have a small chalkboard in the kitchen and use it daily for grocery reminders or phone numbers. occasionally a guest will contribute a doodle. a small eraser (block of wood with felt glued on) is tied onto the bottom of the frame and hangs underneath.
    the antique etch-a-sketch!

  2. You are too cool for school!

  3. What brand spray paint did u use?