Sunday, June 13, 2010

les timbres

(the stamps)
haven't we all collected them? chosen carefully at the counter when we have to buy them? i have dreamed of designing them.
1. griffin & sabine by nick bantock.
one of my favorite illustrated books in which "an extraordinary correspondence" unfolds betwixt two artists, one of which designs stamps for the small island where she resides. it's grown-up-pop-up, in that you extract the letters out of envelopes affixed to each page.

2. once again, i must mention my jeweler friend here, margaret emma lane, who owns one of the most amazing stamp collections i've seen over the years, and put it to creative use: this image shows a necklace she made for me.
3. i have a chalk board in my kitchen that helps me track my "to-dos." the top portion of it has little framed spaces, in which i put some of my favorite stamps from my own collection.
4. the recently released "love" king & queen stamps are one of my favorite designs. detailed yet simple, colorful yet subtle.

-Cameron: Santa Fe, NM


  1. I totally had a stamp collection and I totally mull over the designs at the post office while the line grows behind me! Love this post!

  2. I agree, great post! I just LOVE the king and queen stamp - I hadn't seen this yet. It has all of my most favorite colors and also love the simplicity. You make me want to collect stamps. It's so romantic. ;)