Saturday, July 24, 2010

Paradise Found

Yesterday evening I was skipping down the paths at the Denver Botanical Gardens. I'm almost 30, but nothing excites me like a small child more than being surrounded by beautiful gardens, lush plantings, overflowing fountains and humming bees.
I was in paradise. Every where I turned were signs of nature's perfect design; ribs of Swiss Chard that looked like they were painted with vibrant watercolors, sweet layered domes of cabbage leaves, and some of my favorite things in the whole wide world, blooming hens and chicks!

We were able to visit the gardens at dusk and were treated with the most beautiful sunset and flowers that echoed the colors of the sun's final glow. Currently the gardens are showcasing a Henry Moore exhibit of twenty different sculptures. I couldn't think of a Moore perfect place to display such elegant pieces and enjoy a perfect summer evening!
Jessie, via Denver, CO


  1. these photos are brilliant! taken on the new phone? what a difference!
    i love them all, but i think the 4th set are particularly strong.

    henry moore fascinates me. have you seen his "shelter drawings"?