Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bathing Beauties

With Summer in full swing and the heat causing my bangs to frizz and my brow to glow, I feel the need to go grab my swim cap and take a cool plunge!
Images via
Modern Marie and Vogue 1955
Who knew swim caps could look so cute! I just love the fashions and glamour associated with the vintage bathing beauties pictured above.

Water ballet, otherwise know as synchronized swimming
has become a popular modern workout which combines strength, grace, breath control and of course fashion.
Photo via Glamoursplash
Synchronized swimming first came to the stage in Berlin, Germany in 1891, but it wasn't until 1933 when the World Exhibition in Chicago showcased "The Modern Mermaids," an elaborately staged underwater performance.

In the 40's and 50's these performances gained popularity in Hollywood films with the appeal of Esther Williams, a competitive swimmer and movie star. The clip above combines amazing orchestration, stunning costumes, athletics, and of course Esther's special swimming talent combined with the ability to smile underwater with her eyes open, I'm impressed!
-Jessie, Santa Fe, NM

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  1. esther's diamond sparkle-suit (and figure!) is beautimous.
    the flaming-fountain ending cracked me up.
    i always wanted to try synchronized swimming, but never really had the opportunity.
    think i could swim laps in one of those vintage petal-textured swimcaps?