Monday, November 1, 2010

the chorus

and the ps22 chorus (watch this video!).

this group of talented 5th graders in a public school in staten island, new york continues to change, evolve, and grow each year. beginning in 2000, the amazing "mr. b" has recorded and posted his choir's progress on youtube with the principal's permission. they've performed for stars like stevie nicks and beyonce, and continue to tackle both classic and cutting edge pop songs each week.
i simply can't get enough of this inspiring group of talent: the catalogue is at once refreshing and addicting. they even cover journey's "don't stop believin", itunes' most downloaded song in history, and gaga's "just dance." mr. b also posts audition tapes, and one of my favorite's is azaria's. one of the choir's most unique characterstics is their sincere, uncontrollable movement. not one student sits (or stands) still as they sing together.
as a public school student of chorus class through the years myself, this really brings me back to the hard work, excitement, and thrill of using voice as instrument.

Cameron: Santa Fe, NM.

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