Thursday, April 8, 2010

Epicurean Wanderlusting

Photo: All Thai Food
I'm a huge fan of international cooking....even though I haven't traveled much, I love to try new spices and ingredients that aren't indigenous to the United States. I have a great Thai cook book that I peruse for inspiration. Though, many times I run into the same conundrum, an exotic ingredient included in the recipe cannot be found in ANY supermarket. Sure, I could order it online or try 5 different stores, but hey, who wants to make more than one stop for groceries? Then once you've found bulgur wheat, how are you going to use up the 5 pound sack you had to buy?
Photo: Destination Dinners
Well worry no more! Destination Dinners has come up with a solution and a cure for epicurean wanderlusting! They provide pre-fab recpie kits complete with pre-measured {hard-to-find} spices and sauces, dry ingredients, shopping lists for fresh items and even trivia about the dining destination. They offer kits for meals around the world from Dhaka, Bangladesh's Garam Marsala Chicken to Bancock, Thailand's Khao Ob Sapparod (shown above). I'm a huge fan of their Dinner Party Kits too!

I'm getting hungry for some Kibbeh bil-Saneeyeh, how about you?
-Jessie, Santa Fe, NM

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