Thursday, May 13, 2010


Last week I chicken-sat and had the opportunity to watch 6 hens and 1 rooster while their owner was out of town. The mister and I are contemplating becoming full-blown farmers and along with our veggie garden, might get some chickens to complete our back yard. This was sort of a test run to see if I was cut-out for raising a clutch.As long as you have the space for a coop, they are quite easy to take care of. A little water, little feed, some wood shavings and voila! They have fun personalities and I enjoyed watching them run around the yard and scrape and peck at the dirt. I'm easily amused, I know.

Contrary to popular belief, roosters do not just crow in the morning. Cinnamon, the protector of the hens, with his beautiful iridescent feathers and showy tail let out crows all throughout the afternoon! I think the neighbors are used to his mid-day vocal musings.The best part was the bounty of eggs I collected! It was such a treat to open the coop and see what treasures had been left among the wood shavings. Several of the chickens were the Aracana variety which meant they laid eggs in beautiful shades of blue. They even tasted better with rich yellow yolks. Now I know why I am addicted to fritattas!

Our chicken operation may not commence until next year, but until then I will be dreaming of fresh eggs and the sweet coos and clucks of my chicken brood.

-Jessie, Santa Fe, NM

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