Sunday, May 9, 2010


Hung in the dappled light of my apricot tree and nestled among blossoming lilac is a Mexican tin star. Sometimes I'll put a candle in it if we're feeling festive, but mostly it just swings gently in the breeze, like the North star of my garden.
Today, we were enjoying a Mother's day lunch in our yard with the in-laws. The sun was warm on our faces and the scent of the lilacs lazily wafted around us. The mister's mama is an avid bird watcher and was pointing out all the varieties of feathered friends that were stopping by for a chirp or two.

As the breeze settled she said, "Do you hear that? It's baby birds!" I could hear slight little peeps but couldn't tell where they were coming from. She then noticed a mama bird take off from the tin star in the apricot tree. (She has good eyes!)
We crept out way over and realized that the most amazing nest had been built inside of the star! In the cozy nest were four fuzzy little chirps taking an afternoon nap. (You can see the beak of one of the babies in the picture above) I decided that this was the most magnificent place to have a nest. It made me so happy that the star was able to provide a protected, spacious, and oh so very unique home!

-Jessie, Santa Fe, NM

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