Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Color me bad

I do love early 90s R&B harmony vocals...but more importantly I totally dig perusing the paint swatches at the hardware store. I don't know what it is but every time we go to Lowes or Home Depot I need to stop and stare at the vast array of square cards in all their technicolor glory.
I usually start picking out my favorites and creating beautiful color combinations. For what, I'm not sure, but maybe someday they'll be the inspiration for a room color and couch cushions, an invitation suite or floral scheme. Nonetheless, it keeps the ol' creative brain a turnin' so I stuff my pockets with the little colorful cards.
I did find a less wasteful way to delight in color schematics. The wonderful blog, Color Collective, creates a daily color palette of inspiration based on work by designers, photographers, and artists. I highly recommend stopping by!All images via Color Collective
-Jessie, Santa Fe, NM

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