Tuesday, February 23, 2010

On Tonight's Menu...

A small tumbler of Three-Buck Chuck, 'cause I'm no vino-snob.
Organic baby greens with a honey-mustard-garlic balsamic vinaigrette, topped with shaved purple onions, caramelized pecans, herbed goat cheese and garlic-rosemary roasted sweet potatoes.
Pork chops topped with a chutney of cranberries, apples and fresh ginger. On the side, roasted brussels sprouts and garlic splashed with balsamic vinegar. Ohh, how I am in love with these now-a days!
Slivers of the worlds best chocolate covered caramel, shipped all the way from the Elegant Truffle in San Diego.

Jessie, Santa Fe, NM


  1. Love your style! I'm kind of drooling right now too.

  2. Yummers...
    Who'da thought you could illustrate pork chops to look so delicious?!!