Monday, February 22, 2010

Spring Bling!

I need to start off by saying that I am a bit obsessed with Jenna Lyons, Creative Director at J. Crew. She is so cool. The drool worthy outfits she styles and the designs she has brought in to revamp J. Crew have been a inspiration.

The sadness is that I really can't afford to shop at J. Crew, minus the occasional sale steal. But on the upside I have used my creative juices to recreate some of my favorite accessories. My go to being the chain/crystal/pearl/satin ribbon necklace for evening. Just peruse the accessories department of your local Forever 21, head over to Michael's and pick up some satin ribbon of your color choice, deconstruct chains, pearl strands, and whatever else you want to weave into your necklace and braid away. I just tie the ends of the ribbon around the back of my neck, finished off with a quick swipe of clear nail polish to keep the ends from fraying of course.

The photo is a few I created for an upcoming wedding I am planning. The bridesmaids are wearing a spiced wine dress with champagne or gold satin heels. I think the necklace will tie everything together just wonderfully...with a dash of bling.

Erin Donoghue: San Diego, CA


  1. I LOVE THESESESESE!!!!!! I've seriously dogeared the entire j.crew catalog from Lisbon, hello! You rock my DIY world, so great to have you here!!

  2. Wow, I really like these necklaces too!
    You ladies are SO creative.
    Where can I buy some of these? Erin, maybe you should plan a Spring Bling Fling Arts/Craft/Jewlery Fair. Lexy makes beautiful necklaces too.
    Hint, hint girlie-girls.

  3. totally blingin! i too, am a jcrew jenna fan.