Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sac en Plastique (cause everything said in french just sounds cooler)

Recently, I've been doing really well with the whole "bring your own bag" thing for grocery shopping. Love it. But let's face it, folks, it's impossible to avoid those pesky plastic bags all of the time. I don't bring my own bag into Target Boutique, right?
So the bags come home. And you just can't throw them out. Can you. No, not when there's so many great uses for them all of the time (favorite examples: cleaning the litter box, transporting dirt for gardening, small trash cans, etc.) So here they are, completely taking over the house. They're everywhere, and they keep growing. As much as I use them, I just can't keep up. So I thought, there's got to be a solution for these multiplying buggers.

The other day, bing! It occured to me.
Homemade sac-en-plastique dispenser:

Thanks Coca-Cola.

-Cameron: Santa Fe, NM

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  1. oui, oui mon cheri! c'est perfect! now i just need to drink a 12 pack of CC