Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"Nothing is constant but change"

Last year, if you told me that I'd have carnations in my house, I would have slapped you. As a self-proclaimed "flower snob" and after working as a floral designer for 8 years, I would have slapped me too.But, I guess things change and I just might have to blame my Saturn Return....but more on that later. Call me crazy, but I just love how cheery these bright (and long-lasting!) carnations look in my teal fiestaware pitcher!

On another note, this photo is of one of my favorite corners of my house. Not only does is house my chronicles of Everyday Food mags, but it also has a bamboo plant and a salvaged yellow shelf both schlepped around since college and some sweet seashells....a great reminder of my homeland, California.

So, my sweet chirpers, what are the favorite corners of your casa? Do share your faves with us!
-Jessie, Santa Fe, NM


  1. I do love the red with the aqua! As you've said, very cheery! Well, it seems you've found that you can use any type of flower when appropriate and when it tickles your fancy!! Love peacock feathers!! They always add an exotic touch of blue, purple, aqua, green, and bronze. Love how you used them to coordinate with your vase!
    Love, Zuzu

  2. oh how I love fiesta ware! My home is always a mess it seems but I love my dishes--they are scattered all over and bring me joy :)